Tailored Landscape Design Services by Marker Elevated Landscapes

option #1 : we design and we build

Are you looking to have one single point of contact from the designing stages all the way through the installation and eventual maintenance of your project? This is the option for you. Our lead designer, Joe Marker, will bring a creative approach to the design which promises to be exciting and thought provoking. 


option #2 : we design and your contractor installs

Do you already have a landscape contractor that you work with but feel that you need a professional designer to elevate your property? Do not worry, we work with clients and their own contractors to develop amazing designs for your own team to install and maintain. Your landscape can have the feel of a professional design with the comfortability of your trusted contractor. 


option #3 : we design for your company

Does your landscaping company perform top notch installations, but you feel like your designs could use the touch of a professional designer? Hiring a landscape designer to communicate with your client and create amazing drawings is easier than you thought. Let us provide the design and you can handle the installation and maintenance. 


how does the design process work?

3 concept drawings

We explore three very different concept ideas to get a starting point for the designs. We will look at spatial definitions of planting beds and hardscape areas, flow of foot traffic, special outdoor living features and overall vibe of a property.

2 revised designs

After discussing the three concept designs and understanding more about the needs of our client, it is time to get more detailed. Armed with more information, we are able to take the designs further and develop deeper into the landscape.

1 master plan

Once the three concept designs are narrowed down to two revised designs, we have an incredible understanding of what our clients want their property to look and feel like. The master plan is the cumulation of countless hours of thinking, designing, discussing and being present in the space.

design packages start at $4,860.00