life is too short for boring designs

We believe that every project is unique and should be treated as such. Working closely with our clients allows us to understand their specific needs and preferences then develop a customized plan to bring the vision to life. From the initial design to the final installation, our team is committed to ensuring that every detail is carefully considered and executed with precision.


Providing our clients with a single point of contact through the design, installation and maintenance of a project allows for a landscape to evolve and develop over time. Our unique approach encourages our clients to engage in the process which ultimately leads to the best possible  result. 

Our Vision

Our vision is that through our landscapes, we can improve the quality of life. Landscape design can bring families together around a fire pit, provide a space for an intimate dinner party with old friends or allow for countless summer memories in the pool. Life is short and we help our clients enjoy it to the fullest. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide thoughtfulness and careful consideration when designing, building and maintaining our landscapes. We do not look at our company as simply a means to make a living, rather it is a lifestyle that we chose. Providing a service that improves the quality of life is not something we take lightly, it is a responsibility and a privilege that brings us joy. 

Our Team

Joe Marker, Lead Designer at Marker Elevated Landscapes

Joe Marker

Earning a degree in Landscape architecture from Temple University paired with the on site experience of working with his father, Steve, provides Joe with a unique set of skills. Combining the thoughtful and artistic approach to landscape design with the hands on knowledge of how to create interesting and breathtaking plantings and hardscapes allows for Joe's designs to be truly elevated.

Steve Marker

Having worked along the Main Line for over four decades both in landscaping and tree service, Steve is a seasoned veteran in outdoor living. With decades of experience he founded Stephen Marker Landscaping and for over 20 years grew what would be the foundation for Marker Elevated Landscapes. His endless knowledge, skills and guidance are always useful on site.


Tony Sorrentino

Tony brings a wealth of knowledge, hard work and enthusiasm to Marker Elevated Landscapes. As a core member of our team, Tony has helped the designs come to life and provide amazing experiences for our clients. His decades of experience in the field bring a lot to the table and provide a point of view that all team members appreciate.

Passionate Outdoor Masterpieces by Marker Elevated Landscapes